Arwyp Medical Centre - Service

Apr 21, 2022

Thando Nofemele-of US

My mother was admitted to arwyp hospital on 19/04/2022,i have been trying to contact the hospital to find out which ward is my mom in,I was taken from pillar to post but eventually got assisted by a kind nurse wbo advised that my mother is in ICU but recieved news that she is doing well,a few minutes after spoken to the kind nurse,I then got a missed call from Arwyp and tried calling back,I got through to a rude lady named Leandre Swanepoel,she did not listen to what my request was,as I was about to explain that I got a missed call from the hospital,she literally sighed and told me that she doesnt know who called with an attitude that wasn't pleasing at all,I have spoken to this lady before when my mother admitted i asked her to help me by transferring the call to ward 12,she did so however the line dropped,I called again to find out what happened because I have been holding on the line just to speak to someone to transfer me and the call cut maybe there is an issue with the lines or not ,but I was patient and radialled again the call went to Leandre her attitude over the phone isn't pleasing she shouts at customers over the phone,she sighs in customers ears,she doesn't listen to customer the list continues.I did not appreciate her way of speaking to me I have my mother in hospital she shouldn't be treating customers like they are worthless.Leandre is the most rude lady I've ever met I am highly disappointed with the service at Awryp.