- Failure to disclose 24 hrs. cancellation policy and non-refundable ticket

Feb 18, 2022

D Ly-of US

I bought a flight ticket on Feb 8, 2022, with ASAPTickets from IAD to CDG, travel date Apr 3, 2022, with the agent name Lanna. Everything was ok from the direct flight to the costs, travel dates... I thought about paying it after I check with my schedule, my health situation, etc... but the agent insisted to pay now and offered help to walk me through the payment process. But she didn't tell me about 24 hours cancellation policy and this ticket is a non-refundable ticket. She only emphasized and insisted I buy insurance to cover this trip, which cost $69.

I called her back on Feb 10, then I learned from her, I didn't call her within 24 hours, so I can not cancel it, however, this is a non-refundable ticket. If I have known this is the case, I would call her sooner to cancel it, and not to buy this deal, non-refundable ticket. How do get the refund from ASAPtickets? I don't know yet. But I want whoever reads this message, please ask two things: cancellation policy and is it is a refundable ticket. However, an honest agent would tell you voluntarily.