Aspen Dental - Change of insurance plan

Dec 06, 2021

Yelgen — Park Forest, IL, USA

My friend went to Aspen Dental, this spring with a horrible toothache. He was given antibiotics for 10 day, after which he returned and was treated at a cost of $3000+. He did not have dental insuance so the finance person set him up with a Care Credit account. He then proceeded to tell my friend he could get him dental, vision, medical, and drug for $148 a month. He did not tell him he was changing him from regular Medicare to Humana Medicare Advantage. My 77 year old friend was/is being treated for prostrate cancer. After the dental visit he underwent a procedure for cancer and it was discovered that that he now has metastatic prostrate cancer (lung). After June 1, 2021 he has not been able to see his care team at Rush Hospital, as a result of the Aspen actions. I have changed him back to regular Medicare, effective 1-1-2022.