Associates Underwriting - AUL Car Warranty

Nov 21, 2021

EWalenius — Amelia Court House, VA, USA

I paid $2, 600.00 for this warranty because they said it would cover my engine. FOUR times I called them and FOUR times they told me my engine was covered. Each time I had service to be done, they told the Service people my engine was NOT covered. My check engine light came on and was diagnosed as having misfires, requiring the piston rings to be re-ringed : DENIED. EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS IN MY PAPERWORK, THAT MY ENGINE WAS COVERED. THERE IS NO EXCLUSION FOR MY ENGINE. AUL Warranties are a JOKE. MY vehicle is still not fixed. I am so far past disgusted it is NOT FUNNY. I WANT MY ENGINE REPAIRED or REPLACED (Which would be the cheapest thing to do). I WANT AUL TO HONOR THE WARRANTY THAT I PAID FOR. (SILVER). These are the companies that would have fixed my car, if AUL hadn't told them my Engine was NOT COVERED.
1st: Pearson Honda
14001 Hull St. Rd.,
Midlothian, VA
2nd: CMA Colonial Honda
Walthall Center Drive
South Chesterfield, VA
3rd: Loyalty Volkswagon
16300 Loyalty Way, Chester, VA 23831 · ~50 mi