Atlantic Express Corporation - About the package my boyfriend sent to me

Apr 27, 2022

Shaira Lim-of DasmariƱas, PH

I received an email this morning from Atlantic Express Delivery that a package addressed to me was placed on hold by the Philippine Authority due to the fact that currency, cash or money were included in the package. I was mandated to pay a sum of 10,497.00 pesos for the clearance within one hour, if failure to settle the said amount, the package will be confiscated and seized. I emailed the Philippine Customs authority and I was advised not to pay any amount of money, due to the fact that they do not accept any form of payment. Upon verification also, the package doesn't exist. I emailed the courier and said the reply I got from the Customs, I also asked for the payment details, tracking number, weight and the sender's name. But they still insists for me to pay the said amount.