Atlantic Van Lines - A Company dishonestly caused a large financial loss to me

Nov 28, 2021

Mozzam — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Atlantic Van Lines" management deliberately and illegally takes money from the customers by not following standard service rules. They give you the preliminary estimate, and after you pay a non-refundable deposit of 500 $, they increase the weight 2-3 times, without giving you Government-certified scaling though they charge 50$ for that. I am surprised how the company organized way doing their activities causing illegal financial loss to customers, a company working since long in Canada for so many years. There are hundreds of bad reviews about their illegal activities on the website. I used the "company" to send my 2-bed apartment items from Montreal to Edmonton, they initially gave an estimate for 2000 lbs., 1060 $, after I paid a non-refundable $ 500, they increased the estimate to 2574 lbs.- 1364$. When I booked the item's pickup date, they gave an estimate of 3920 lbs., 2077 $. When they have collected the items, they gave an estimate of 6725 lbs., 3918 $. They never gave me the certificate of scaling, when I asked they were silent. They took 6725 lbs. from my apartment, gave me Bill of Lading, and delivered 6125 lbs., i.e. 500 lbs. less, the items for beds are lost and I cannot assemble two beds. I have all documents to prove their financially illegal acts with me. So, those who are financially suffered by the service of this company, pl. file a complaint on the Canada Government website, I am filing a complaint, if anyone wants to share with me their info or submit a complaint I will support it.