Atmos Energy - Meter Reader

Mar 15, 2022

lysol-of Greenville, US

On Monday, March 14, 2022 the Meter Reader for the 1200 block of Dublin Street (located in Greenville, MS 38703) came out to read the meters. This same meter reader whom we've had multiple complaints about, was the one who came out. He is African American, about 6 ft. tall, maybe 185-190 lbs and has long dread locks. On yesterday he read all of the neighbors' meters except for ours. When my father tried getting his attention, he ignored him completely and kept walking without even looking back. I then contacted Atmos and I spoke with Kimberly, one of Atmos' Customer Service Agents. Kimberly was very understanding. She explained to me that the reason why the meter reader did not read our meter was because the new meter that we had installed about a month ago is wireless and can be read directly from their site. No one had told us that before. Kimberly went on to say that the meter reader should not have behaved so rudely and all he had to do was explain to my father that the reason why he did not read his meter. I told Kimberly that this was not the first time that we had problems with this meter reader's rude attitude and curt behavior. Kimberly agreed that it was very rude and disrespectful for the meter reader to behave this way and she said that she would send a report to the Meter Reader's field supervisor and have him to contact the meter reader directly. Having said that, since we now know that the meter reader no longer has to read our meter due to it being wireless and because of that particular meter reader's extremely rude and disrespectful behavior, we do not want him anywhere on our premises from this day forward. We, as Atmos customers at least deserve to be respected since we are the reason why Atmos has an operational business. It is my sincere hope that the Area Supervisor addresses this meter reader about his rudeness and other past issues that we've had with him immediately and reprimand him accordingly.