ATS Diesel Performance, Inc. - ats co pilot ,This company is so lame they can't even get the relavant parts in the same box.

Mar 07, 2022

Kevin R says-of Terrebonne, US

I bought a co-pilot from ats they made a mistake and could get the correct wire harness with the correct sensor harness. differant generations of the same motor. OK we are human and make mistakes, a quality control program may be needed, when brought to there attention . The techincal help on the phone says I will send it to you. I requested over night I will Pay for shipping. two weeks later NOTHING. Call back and Jeff I think wants to play word games on phone and he can"t help Well. I EXPECT BETTER FOR 5000 dollars with product from this company and they can,t be bothered to attend to there own MISTAKE and correct it. This company must be family run. In the modern age this [protected]@t is not good business. It is what it is a [protected]@t business.