Audatex - Audatex/ADP Estimating Software

Apr 25, 2022

GGGlittleton-of Littleton, US

Same as all the other complaints. Our body shop was required to use another estimating platform so we called multiple times to cancel service. They bought time and said we needed their software for VIR's which turned out to be incorrect. They never mentioned that our contract had to be canceled in writing until after our renewal period had come and gone. Then they said you had to cancel 90 days before cancellation. Then even when they accept your written cancellation, they continue to bill until the next renewal anniversary date. We received correspondence stating that they suspended the account, and even then they continued to bill. Now they've sent our account to collections at 3x the amount that we would have owed at the monthly price. Never seen such an unfair business practice, and from the complaints I've read, they do it to all their clients that want to cancel. Do not use this company for estimating software!