Auntie Anne's - Rogue employee

Apr 20, 2022

HellenMaina-of Nairobi, KE

My daughter and I made an order for 2 bags of mini hotdogs at the Auntie Anns in the Arkadia mall next to Fairmont Nile Hotel. This was this afternoon on 20th April 2022. The attendant claimed not to speak English and proceeded to tell us to pay EGP 150. When we asked why this outlet had it so much higher than the price noted on the screens above (EGP 45) and also higher than the outlet at Cairo Festival City that charged us EGP 50, he claimed the monitors were not correct. When we asked for a receipt he then claimed the system was down and could not give a receipt. So I insisted on taking pictures of the outlet as attached and left pretty upset. Upon arrival in our hotel room, we discovered that the pastry was uncooked/still raw and so I had to return to the outlet. At the security gate out of Fairmont Nile Hotel into the mall, the guard informed me that the attendant had left a receipt and refund of EGP 50. This was in the space of less than 10 mins and contrary to his word. I then went to the outlet and waited for him about 5 mins as he always seems to be stepped away. I have returned the mini hotdogs and demanded my cash back in full which he gave us. This attendant is rogue, unprofessional and clearly a thief. You need to address this most unbecoming of behavior.