Aurora Health Care - Emergency department and hospital care in Marinette Wisconsin

Jan 03, 2022

Shelie — Crivitz, USA

I was treated like a drug addict criminal. I went to the ED after 7 days without sleep and lack of food, because I had insomnia, I could not hold down food or water. When I started to feel like my stomach was gone, and I had terrible pain and the water I was drinking felt like it was filling my legs and arms, I knew I was thinking goofy. 12/27/2022 The 1st visit to the ED, they treated me for anxiety and pain, and released within a few hours. The illness got worse, the throwing up got worse, so I returned the next day on 12/28/2022 I was treated for anxiety and pain. That evening I started to throw up blood, so I went back. What a nightmare. Instead of care I was interrogated, called a liar because my "story wasn't consistent" I was suffering, no sleep and in pain. I fell asleep, then I was accused of faking it for pain meds. Finally admitted and no one could do a basic IV. Both arms are bruised like someone beat me. I was dehydrated and no fluids were given bc they could only get one IV in. I finally got some stomach and pain medication. You people don't realize, how easy it is to get drugs on the street. especially fentenol, to which I refused. The nurses were NOT busy with "sick people" The hospital was NOT full of "sick people" There was hardly anyone there.