AVA Direct - No proof of delivery for a 2700 computer and no refund either

Nov 20, 2021

DispleasedWithCompany — USA

Over 2 years ago I ordered a system. I still have no factual proof of delivery so I'm out of over $2700. Not only that but I was also informed I couldn't get the "free" digital download games without receiving the hardware. Here are the facts gathered from my order:
FedEx was unable to determine where they were on my property via their own GPS tracking during time of delivery.
FedEx's "signature" was not that of mine but one that matched exactly a cursive font from Microsoft word.
FedEx's driver gave a very generic description of the person that supposedly signed for the package which at the time only possibly matched one of my neighbors who did not have the computer.
My neighbor noted he saw a FedEx truck but did not see them unload a package.
After a supposed investigation somehow this conjecture was proof of delivery and I was denied any compensation.
Not only this but the hours of frustration spent all for nothing was unbelievable because Ava would not stand behind their own customer. I had to contact FedEx and go through a bunch of hoops. Perhaps that specific problem was internal to FedEx. I don't know, but what I do know is that I had no choice in who the carrier was and that Avadirects website blatantly claims a signature is required for delivery. Clearly no real signature was given nor identification checked to see IF there really was a person on my property whether or not they should be eligible to sign for the product.
Not only this, but I was also able to purchase parts with better warranty and get them all much sooner than the weeks of parts allocated took for their process and at a better price. Buyer beware, avadirect does not stand behind their customers. What's really sad is the much greater amount of money they would have made by just making this right and having a loyal customer for years to come. Guess management doesn't see that or really thing about long term profit, just how many quick onetime instances they can rip someone off. I also requested to speak with someone further up the chain in management and was denied to be able to do so as the rep stated there wasn't a point and it wouldn't do me any good.
Ava559145 is order number.