Back In The Saddle - holding up order/canceling order

Nov 20, 2021

Merle Saft — USA

I placed an order on oct.18, 1921 for two items. order number W5512841. I have confirmation of order and after two weeks called to see what was holding up the package. Their automated answering machine kept cutting off before it took my entire order number.Eventually I waited on hold for 20 min. and was told order was waiting for address verification from credit card co. There was no problem with the address & was told would send right out. I needed it for specific date and he assured me, no prob. Two weeks later I called again and had same prob with automated system.Finally another 20 min. and was told the o®der was cancelled.At NO TIME WAS I EVER TOLD OF ANY PROBLEM. THE gifts I need were specific to cowgirl things, therefor need to get order. Called back to talk to manager, again automated system then 20 min waitand the HUNG UP ON ME.