- Sent me a terminal snake

Mar 08, 2022

Carly Lee-of US

They sent me a snake with IBD (stargazing). I have a copy of a vet assessment proving this. It died and they refuse to accept this as a reality.

I ordered a kenyan sand boa and READ their description of how the snake is not covered under the DOA warranty or 7 day guarantee. They told me the first shipping day it was not safe to ship the snake because of Temps which I was fine with. A few days later I got the notice for shipping and the email also outlined having the snake held at a center to not void the guarantee. I went on later that evening to schedule and fedex website said it was NOT and option in my area at all. At this point the snake was on its way. So someone stayed home to receive it and make sure it got warmed up.

At first it was barely moving which we knew was due to it being cold since it didn't have nearly enough heat packs in the box.

We warmed it up and when we put it in the tank we had all ready it started immediately showing signs of IBD, and corkscrewing repetitively as well. I contacted the seller and they said to just watch it a few days sometimes Temps cause strange behavior. No recommend to take it to a vet at all, I took it on my own accord.

The exotic vet said and documented it was displaying signs of IBD and also had a head tilt like it had been hurt during shipping. He gave me recommendations and I followed them. That evening it acted like he was trying to regurgitate a meal which also the breeder never even told me the last time it ate.

I have all of this on videos and sadly it declined quickly and died Friday morning.

I contacted the seller and they got back to me on Sunday and to send them a pic of the snake on the shipping box as per their policy. I said I was sorry I had thrown it out as I thought that only was for DOA reptiles. So we went ahead and dug it out of the trash and sent it along with the vet assessment and pics and I offered videos.

The next day they said as per their policy that I didn't have it held they would not refund it. I let them know that was not an option and I did what I could and that they should have made sure that was an option for my area before shipping.

The snake would have been displaying signs of IBD before shipping and it seems they knew they wouldn't have to take any loss shipping it out and either they knew I wouldn't be able to hold it and knew they'd give me a terminal snake or they just didn't care.

They offered me a discount on another reptile which of course I declined saying I did not want another sick snake nor their inadequate and reckless shipping.

Another note is that their website says they're based out of Cali and Idaho which is why I picked them, they were close to me and I wanted as little stress on the snake as possible. It shipped from Florida instead which is dishonest to say the least. Their actions are incredibly careless to the animals as IBD would make any reputable breeder very concerned.

So all in all they sent me a sick snake, either knew I couldn't have a refund because I couldn't hold it in my area at a center or didn't do their research to see if it was available but know the snake would die and are refusing to refund anything.