Bailey's Gym - Corp so call policies

Mar 15, 2022


Please be very diligent when reading your contract with these people, it's all about the money with them. I had to freeze my account with them due to a surgery. I also cxl'd my contract so that they would not charge me again after my 12 months were up( trust me they would try) I was told I could still use the gym since I had a freeze on the account (due to the surgery) , however they were charging me a 20.00 annual fee AGAIN ( they charged me that last April) I argued that point and was told that since the months I had on freeze went past April ( when my contract started) I would have to pay that fee again. I only got to use their gym for 3 months and had to pay for the entire year and they still tried to squeeze 20.00 more dollars out of me.

It is disgusting that you can't cxl at anytime, it's not like there is any promotions or they are giving something free with your membership, so why do they make you sign for a year and hold you to that. HORRIBLE I basically told them to take the months I had on freeze and send them where the sun don't shine, I will never set foot in another Baileys Gym. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Plus their gym is ANTIQUATED big time!