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May 13, 2022

Lyn1977-of Melbourne, AU

As per the my email dating back to 14th of February 2022 to balboa press Australia . I have cancelled all book contracts due to quality issues and non-delivery of services paid for with you and am demanding a full refund of my money back.

I have sent balboa press a

in a formal contract termination letter a Cease and Desist for all phone calls as all communication on cancellation and refunding my money back to me must be in writing for legal purposes.

Jad has broken the cease and desist order and has rung me to harass me on the 6/4/2022 at 5:38pm to harass me about 2 of the contracts for other future books that I have already stated in the attached email with the formal contract termination letter attached to it that I have told you I am cancelling and wanting a full refund for.

They would not stop harassing stop me via phone after the cease and desist was sent to them. I had directed them to converse with me via email. To this date they have not refunded the money I have paid them even though the quality of their services that they tried to deliver were of very poor quality and other services the didn’t even deliver at all. I paid them in total the sum of $14072.77 for these services which they did not deliver.

The photo attached has the details of the transactions, dates etc that they took my money from my account.

They have received since I first sent them the below subsequent emails asking for a refund and to terminate all contracts and not once have balboa press responded to my emails about this appropriately. Instead they simply chose to ignore these emails and continue to harass me via phone.

Please see the details below which sent to balboa press in my formal contract termination letter to the all the details with dates etc. they signed my up to all their programs using deceptive and misleading conduct which is against the law.

As per the conditions of the Service and Distribution Agreement, this letter acts as formal written notice of the cancellation of my contract with Balboa Press, a division of Get Published LLC, effective immediately.

This is also a formal request for a full refund of all monies paid due to the company’s failure to provide the services as promised. Publishing Services and Marketing Services were not completed, and after several attempts to receive the finished design work on my manuscript which were met with unfulfilled promises of timely delivery, including several attempts to cancel this contract which were both ignored and treated with aggression, the request for a full refund meets the clauses detailed in Section 4 of the Author Agreement (aka Services and Distribution Agreement).

Communications to cancel this contract began as early as November 13, 2021, well within the 90-day stipulation of Section 4. I made a formal written request on November 20, 2021 to suspend payments and services on two additional books contracted with Balboa Press, which was not honored. I was also erroneously double-charged for the bookstore returns program and requested a refund of the second charge on December 17, 2021, which was not granted. All of these instances, including several more of service promises either misrepresented or wholly unfulfilled, can and will be verified with written and timestamped documentation.

This Notice of Contract Termination and Cancellation effectively severs all arrangements for current and future projects previously arranged with Balboa Press. My financial institutions have already been notified of this, and arrangements have been made to ensure no further charges will be made to my accounts. If the request for a full refund is not honored and fulfilled by February 11, 2022, a full investigation by these institutions will be made.

Under Indiana State Law, which governs the Service and Distribution Agreement, IN Code § 35-43-5-3 (2017) Item 4B, Balboa Press’ behavior which “sells, offers, or displays for sale or delivers less than the represented quality or quantity of any commodity” is Deceptive Behavior and subject to a Class A misdemeanor. As stated above, I have and will readily provide proof of this deceptive behavior which started as early as November 12, 2021 and has continued through February 4, 2022.

As I am sure you also desire, I prefer to keep this matter out of arbitration in favor of terminating this contract and relationship amicably. Please respond to this letter as a formal acknowledgment of its receipt.