Balwin Properties - Balcony not built to standards

Feb 07, 2022

Trishen-of Johannesburg, ZA

My Top unit balcony has a 1cm and 2cm step from the balcony to the entrance way of my unit.

Other units in the complex have a much higher step. 8 photos provided of other units compared to mine.

This has placed me at risk as the unit flooded due to the minimal step from the balcony.

Whenever it does rain, the water levels rise very quickly and this causes high anxiety levels as we need to wake up at odd hours of the night or morning to ensure that the rain water is draining quick enough as we dont want our rooms to be flooded again.

This was escalated to Balwin foreman, and response received was that the unit was built 5yrs 11months ago. The matter was escalated to Vincent the Chief maintenance manager to investigate as this is not a satisfactory response.

My request is for the Balwin to confirm if the balcony is built as per design spec and take accountability if the building contractor did not build this correctly and have it rectified.

I am also requesting for Balwin to advise why my unit has a 1cm and 2cm step compared to the other units 9cm high step.