Bang & Olufsen - Beosound Balance

Apr 03, 2022

Ghost5915-of Brampton, Ontario, CA

John Krystofik

10:18 AM (0 minutes ago)

to John

I was under the impression that Bang & Olufsen made products of the highest quality, which also happened to be aesthetically pleasing - this couldn’t be further from the truth. After using my beosound balance for one month, I started experiencing connectivity issues when streaming from my mobile devices. This problem curiously started after a recent software update. I reached out to B&O, only to be given the run around for 3months. Endless troubleshooting, incorrect diagnostics on multiple occasions and customer service representatives who had zero technical knowledge or common sense. After months of painstakingly reporting each incident of streaming interference, sending B&O exact time stamps (with videos), forwarding data logs and providing remote access to my speaker, they still have failed to even successfully identify the issue. The company refuses to exchange the speaker for a new one and demands that I pay for shipping to one of their service centers on the other side of the country, just to physically look at the speaker. To add insult to injury, they are making me pay for packaging and shipping of the defective unit.

Not only is this speaker one of the most expensive pieces of garbage in its class, the manufacturer has zero interest in fixing the issue in an efficient manner.