Bank of Montreal [BMO] - Taking the money from my TFSA account without notifying me.

Dec 12, 2021

Eman Elmassri-of Alexandria, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt

On August 2021, I realized that my TFSA account is disappeared from my summary account with 5236 CAD. I called the branch and filed a complaint with a specific number. I called the call center to verify my complaint and how it goes they asked me to send a fax to the branch manager with the problem to solve it,

I sent 2 faxes with the problem and with the complaint along with my approved signature in the bank and series of emails and messages with the same issue and every time they said give us time to solve it.

i have the complaint number and nothing changed even when i called the call center they said we will escalate your complaint.

Now, i have been in this issue for 4 months until now and nothing happened my money still gone and no one called me from the bank to tell me where is my money and this issues is not solved until now.

Can any one help me to return my money back please.