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Feb 08, 2022

Upset_in_AZ-of Phoenix, US

Boy, where do I start!? For those reading this paragraph from an internet browser results feed, I'll say GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, unless you like inconvenience, incompetence and high stress from horrible service! Banner's phone system results in delays and extreme stress waiting often 30-90min on hold to discuss a billing issue; this will make you want to scream! Over past 3+yrs, they have intentionally removed all ability to easily speak to a human (in clinic, at hospital, in billing, etc) and therefore put the stress and brutal auto attendant experience on us and they simply don't give a crap. If only enough unhappy patients could come together and form a class action lawsuit for their horrible business practices I'd gladly contribute a $1000 to a law firm to be a part.

Speaking of billing, I just ended a phone call that lasted 45min; 20min on hold, when their system announced at the beginning that my estimated wait time is only 6min. They are notorious for under estimating wait times by multitudes. In past 2yrs I've wasted a minimum 4-6hrs waiting on hold to discuss billing problems and changing payment methods. The payments you make in clinics, or in hospitals do not reflect in their online "simplepay" system and it takes them 30days for your payment made on location to post to your total balance, yet they will prioritize increasing your balance almost immediately upon getting services, showing that you owe money. So then, you get stressed out and have to look at the insurance EOB to understand why Banner is charging you for something you paid for upfront; then you waste a bunch of time for one of their often rude, incompetent billing personnel to simply say, "your payment from 30days ago just posted to your account, so you can ignore these charges".

Let me say that I have reluctantly been a Banner patient for 4-5yrs and only because they accept my insurance and have a PCP clinic literally 2miles from my house.

Regarding my 4-5yrs experience in clinic, or in hospital, I will tell you I've seen 15 different MDs/DOs/RNPs (including specialists and PCP), yet only two (2) I will say are truly competent and as knowledgeable as most private practice doctors. The providers that work for Banner are all corporate pansies that work maybe 36-50hrs/wk with ZERO worries for mistreating a patient and have corporate immunity from their mistakes. Additionally, they can't retain talent and seen to go through MDs frequently (i.e., your past specialist no longer works there). Anyway I could go on and on regarding their doctor's incompetence, but I'm sure you're tired reading this rant.

Bottom line is, I'm 100% done with Banner. I just deleted all contacts from my phone, paid my bill in full and will tell my PCP when I see him next week for a follow up that I'm leaving Banner and never to return and hope he will do the same.

Do yourself a favor and find a private practice doctor, or at least a non massive corporation to trust your health needs to. The executives at Banner deserve to pay for the countless poor reviews that are all over the internet.

-Unhappy in Arizona