Banner Health - Banner Health Billing Payment

Feb 15, 2022

Joseph C. Primous-of US

Banner Health Patients, Guest, Staff

As if health isn't the primary issue, don't take Medical Assistants, or Billing Techs knowledge at face value.

My Doctor authorize multiple visits, yet he or his staff never raise a concern about Employer coverage insufficient to pay, nor inability to pay. My idea was to pay as I visit so when the accumalative bill is sent my insurance coverage will assist the completion of payment.

However, staff scam me on portal access. I never received the formal payment arrangement. Mentioned it to Doctor he said, No Concerns.

During the Service Period, the account became eligible for some internal refund to cover account remaing balance. Shortly, after the notice I received a $88.73 Bill remaining. No proper access by phone or online to pay with (Debit).

I was imposed as staff protecting their interest in the Billing Department. Today, 2/15/2022 received a forcefull collection call from Banner Health, no formal information but balance. I called billing waited 27 minutes no answer at Billing Department.

I am seeking settling this balance but please help Me formally.