Banner Health - Billing

Mar 27, 2022

Eric Cerre-of US

On march 9th, 2022 I went to Banner Desert to have a nuclear study done. When I went in to pre-register and go over my insurance my co-pay was 8225.00 for the 1.5 hour imaging. I told the person doing the processing of my work that someone should have of called me about this amount of money for a nuclear scan. No nuclear scan should cost 40,000.00 then 19,000.00 for my insurance estimate and my out of pocket cost of 8225.00. Someone put the wrong CPT code in for this procedure. This forced my to apply for a Banner Credit Card through Curae Care. When I got home and research this issue the allowable for the CPT codes was approx. 2100.00 per my Humana in network with 1800.00. On Friday I called the billing department and they said the only charged 2300.00. They transferred me to another department who said they would removed the charges from the Curae Credit that morning. About two weeks later I got a card from Banner Health from the credit people. So, I called them to see what was charged to the card. They said that Banner took the 8225.00 off the card and then 20 minutes later put it back on. Now if the billing department said I only was charged approx. 2300.00 why was the 8225.00 put back on the card. I should have never been put through this to begin with. Banner feels they are right and never wrong with their billing department. I disputed the charges with the credit people but they said I still have to pay the monthly payment with them. On March 20th my insurance company had processed the claim and my amount due is approx. 1350.00.

I called Banner again to get this straight. They did agree to take the difference between the amount charged and the 8225.00 off. Now I have to wait and have them adjust the account when they get the insurance check if the can do that without a big screw up. I never got any type of apology from them. Just pay the bill. The main take away is that Banner needs to have people double check information and this would not have happened. It caused me to apply for a card I don't need and I could have paid the reasonable charge for the test. In the future I will AVOID Banner at all cost and choose another hospital network.