Beazer Homes - Home purchase

Apr 27, 2022

Angelica Tate-of US

I am writing about the poor craftsmanship that Beazer home have offer regarding a home I recently closed on March 18, 2022. I completed my final walk through with their builder Christen and there were several concerns that has brought to his attention not on during but after closing. One painting on ceiling that was spot painted and did not match existing paint on wall, next door threshold was dirty, baseboard was dirty, paint peeling on several area in the home and finally the entire home was filthy when I arrived on March 18th and the floor had not been cleaned by their vendor Southwestern Interior. This was relied to him view phone call, email and text message to which he sends a reply back with a list to thing that would be completed. To this day some of my walls and ceiling are unfinished and my floors have yet to be cleaned properly. Beazer customer advocate Roland advised me that my floors were my issue and not Beazer despite the fact I have several photos, videos and email expressing concern with the issue and Beazer. I could go on and on with the things I found wrong in this house. My roof was leaking after the first storm, and someone came to supposedly fix it. Buyers beware of Beazer homes.