Bedroom Furniture Discounts - White Glove Delivery Service

Dec 21, 2021

SUPERDUPED7219-of Hammond, United States

We purchased over $11, 000 in the Melrose Plaza line of AICO. With each delivery, their delivery service damaged or improperly assembled an item. They broke the bedframe then concealed it by drilling extra holes to secure the frame which made the boxspring and mattress lopsided.

They damaged 2 different arm chairs, which cost $719 for a set of 2. The first didn't pass their "inspection" the 2nd delivery chipped the rear leg for which the company credited us $150 to keep the chair so they wouldn't have to contact the manufacturer again .

We paid $1, 500 for the dresser and one of the drawers won't stay closed and continues to slide open once loed.

We paid $2, 500 for the Melrose Plaza Vanity with lighted mirror and the "touch" button was improperly screwed in and has come completely off so the lighted mirror doesn't work.

Finally and most egregious is that the installers actually broke the bedframe, did not disclose this fact then improperly secured the frame against manufacturer's specification. It was not disclosed because they knew delivery would not be accepted.

This is the type of "WHITE GLOVE" service offers for $500.00.