Belhasa Driving Center - Postponded Classes and Test Dates

Mar 01, 2022

Grace Creations4liveTV-of US

The worst customer care experience I had.

Had to wait 2 months for my first road test as they said they don't have slot and I had to renew my permit they did not try to get a slot before the expiry. I had to renew my permit 3 times due to the post ponded classes and unavailable slots. Now today I failed my RTA I tried to book my Class as they said 4 hr. class is mandatory. paid all amount and they could give only classes in next week only and when checked to book Test date They are saying slots are available for this week only and no slot available until march end. So they want me to again pay for my permit.

If I ask for a convenient time slot they say not possible at all wait for 25 days to adjust to my time slot. Just for 4 HR class they are saying this story.

The attitude when we request something to the team is like shouting back as if they don't have time to listen. The management should check if the people sitting in front office has the potential to deal with customers or the customers are happy with your service. I have more evidence of worst experience as well which I don't want to say over in public.