BES Utilities - illegal and invalid contrat made with fraud, deceit and lies

Feb 08, 2022

Burcu Kopar-of London, GB

My company has completed a lease process and will move to a Unit in a Shopping mall. We made some research and agreed to make a contract with Valda Electricity.

Yesterday someone called my phone from an agency and I was not around so my husband answered the phone. The person called told that we could not pass the credit check due to previous tenants electricity debts and the only company that accepts to make a contract with my company is BES Electricity and there is not any other available option for us. He pushed him to comfirm to make an aggreement instead of my husband says he is not working for my company or has any rights to sign a contract. They said no problem.

When I came he told me about this conversation and I talked to my agency that offeres me Valda and found out that there is nothing like we couldn't pass the credit check.

The guy on the phone obviously lied and pushed my husband to accept their offer.

Then I received an email from BES Electricity that welcomes my company as their customer. I called the BES company today and tried to explain the contract is not valid because I am the only athorised person to sign. But they insisted that it is valid and did not accept to cancel the contract.

How can a person that do not authorised or even not empleyee of a company can sign a contract on behalf of a Limited Company? He did not sign he just said "I confirm"