Best Denki - Air-Con service

May 18, 2022

huimin pang-of US


I purchased my Air-cons system 3 from Best denki at the year of 2019.Currently my Air-cons are still under Safety 5 years warranty. I have a bad experience of Best denki customer service. These are a few points I need to complain

1)The Sales personnels are not professional enough to know what kind of things or

package are included in 5 year warranty period.

2) They are not knowledgeable enough to know whether or not after the Air-Con Test will it affect the Air-Con unit system or not like Example :Ask sale personnel how come after testing, Air-Con not cold but the reply from her is it doesn't affect the Air-con system but the technician said it will.

3)All staff from best denki which I have encounter are not being helpful at all despite my units still having 5 years warranty Despite I don't have Air -con for 3 days due to component not in yet. Ask them for help, at least give me something which can solve my 3 days no Air-Con issue, but staff keep pushing me here and there like a ball.

Overall experience as a customer in best denki is not pleasant one, despite I am being passionate and understanding to the staff working there but no one is passionate enough to help me to settle my issue expect to keep on pushing me to pay to settle the gas issue. I hope Best Denki can do something for your customer recovery, This is a very bad experience for me.