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Apr 20, 2022

Nachiket Pawar-of US

I made a deposit which never deposited in betway account. Later on they told me to wait for 15 business days where as standard time is 5 working days as per banking procedure for reversal. I have provided proof that transaction was successful from my side and banking side however betway team said they need more time to contact back end team and team working on it. after 6 months out of the blue i got email from betway support that they need more information i replied what kind of more information they need ? The reply i received was we have not received any reply from you hence we are closing the complaint. This is purely fraud. I checked online and in India alone betway has 30,000 + complaints means they are just scamming people and stretching the complaint till customer let it go. Apparently I don't . I am going to contact all the similar customers and file law suit against this fraud company.