BH Management Services - Rental deposit

Apr 04, 2022

Samantha Strope-of US

Promenade of ocala told me to pay a 400 nonrefundable security deposit so when I move I shouldn't have to pay anything but it was not transferred to the new property management along with my move in sheet noting the damages that were there before I moved in. The morgan of ocala said you have done this with plenty of other people.

I have had nothing but problems with this company the fact that nothing is digital sounds like your scaming people to me. What I need from the BHManagement is to take responsibility for the pay your company handled this transfer you marked every work order completed when they were not I have stuff in my apartment that has not been fixed since I moved in my dish washer has mold windows cracked I have patch marks that need to be repainted tear in my run egg mark on the wall where when I moved in there was a egg shell on the rug. I paid a security deposit when I moved in and should not have to pay for damages that have been there before I moved in. I will be contacting lawyers.