Biddeford Blankets - DBP-T Controller doesn't work

Dec 16, 2021

Flame S-of Guoye, Taiwan

I purchased this blanket 1/6/2021, used it a few wintery months, then packed it away for the summer. I recently unpacked it only to discover that the controller no longer works at all. I purchased this blanket because I had previously purchased a Biddenford blanket and that controller had stopped working also. I thought the new blanket controller would be interchangeable with the previous blanket controller, but the plugs are not identical. Now I am stuck with two electric blankets, 2 malfunctioning controllers, and a cold bed! And no understanding of how or where I can get guaranteed repairs on the purported two-year warranty. I am beyond furious! What good is this complaint form if there is no way for the company to contact the complainer to resolve the issue?