Big O Tires - I went in with a small tire repair. I was planning on buying tires I had cash.

Dec 03, 2021

Louis Caraballo — Magalia, USA

I had planned on buying two tires for the front. Rebuilding the front end near completion. I still do my own Brake Jobs. I was an Autoworker for 12 years. I had a bad experience with Big O many years ago wanted to maybe try using them as my primary tires for my Tacoma Truck and also the SC400 Lexus I am working on.
I walk up and the Tire Boss tells me about 2-4 hours. I was trying to get this done at Lunchtime as I am working 12 hour days 6 days a week. On a Hazardous Tree removal project up in Berry Creek.

Daniel AKA Tire Boss told me to try a Mom and Pop Shop. So I did I looked up the closet one and did get my repair and also shall have my tires special order next week.