Bitcoin Investment Trust - Bulk Purchase of Bitcoins (BTC) @ Discount

Mar 31, 2022

GoodMan2Have-of Dublin, GB

Dear Sir / Madam;

We bought Bitcoins from Dr. Black of Bigholdings International and he told us to Hold on some of the BTC and he will Trade the rest. Today after taking his advise not only did I gain multiple on the BTC I held in 2015 but also the trade is paying me 40% per month and another 24% every 3 days. I have all evidence of the funds transmitted to him and all his return transaction records of the purchases, Trades and report on gain I get from him monthly. I have never lost a cent but gained in millions that I can even lend of finance projects.

Thanks, Dr. Black -and for taking care of all the referrals we sent to you. You are a Good Man.