- Service

Apr 25, 2022

Celena Howard-of US

I ordered solar remote shades and 3 days after I placed the order the price dropped. I contacted my salesman and he informed me that the company has a 14 day price adjustment policy and that I was due a credit of approximately $200. He transferred me to associate to process the adjustment however the adjusted amount she submitted was the incorrect amount. I tried to explain to her and requested to speak to a supervisor however she refuse to transfer me or inform a supervisor I wanted a call back. She processed the adjustment for $130.00less than what I was due. I called several times after this and requesting a call back and three weeks later and I still have not received a call back or the correct amount credit back to me. This was the first time I purchase shades from this company and will not going forward. I called today and requested to speak to a supervisor again. I was placed on hold for 10 minutes and when the representative returned I was told a supervisor was not available. I told the representative, Rowan, I wanted to file a complaint and she sent me a link to submit a review. I asked if this was the same process to file a complaint and she said no. I again requested the link to file a complaint however she never sent it. I google how to file a complaint against to submit this complaint.