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Apr 29, 2022

gwynjones111-of LLangefni, GB

early this year i bought £2k worth of bit coin using trading platform as a third party . it turned out to be a mistake and it seemed i lost my investment . the asset went on Binance as two wallets . I informed UK police , they found the 2 wallets but could'nt take action because over-sea's situation . Recently i been contacted by representatives from blockchain saying that they can help me recover my asset as they can see my email along with the balance of the wallets on the Blockchain . They have asked me for £500 to create and activate a recovery wallet and transfer balance to my Gemini account . The UK police did manage to freeze both wallets but that's as far they could go .

Maby you could offer some guidance on how to deal with this situation ?

I know it's my fault for the lack of knowledge and leaving myself open to fraud and theft . it would be nice for advice

gwyn .