- blockchain Wallet gold membershi[p suddenly not posible

May 06, 2022

TinoNeth-of Amsterdam, NL

since 2019 I opened an account at out of curiosity.

That went well in the beginning, I had deposited about 250 Euros to play on the Bitcoin market.

That went well. The following year I decided to add 1000 Euros so that I could play some more and immediately increased my account from a silver account to a gold account membership. I think that was in 2021. In this year I deposited another 1000 Euros. when I wanted to log in at the end of 2021, I got a message that my wallet ID and password did not match. That was crazy because I have a password vault in which I keep all my important passwords. I then decided to change my password.

To my amazement, I then had to re-verify my Identity. I did that because otherwise I would not have full access to all funds and I would not be able to access my reward account, for example. I had deposited a small amount on it to see if this would (also) yield something.

And it does because every month I still receive an email stating how much I now receive added to my rewards account (a pity I can't access it.

So if I now want to deal with business, I still end up in the verification screen that indicates that this is still going on.

I have reported this many times to the support department of, but they are not doing anything about it.

Either I am being duped or my money has been stolen.

Unfortunately I think the latter..