Bob Howard Auto Mall - They want to charge for items that were suppose to come with a new truck.

May 11, 2022

Wolff1-of Edmond, US

I bought a brand new Dodge Larime truck last June 2021. It is now May of 2022. I was going to get the tires rotated when I got the oil changed this time. I didn't think I had to take it to the place I bought it at to get this work done. When it came to the tire rotation there was no key to unlock the lugs on the wheels so I went back to Bob Howard and ask them to show me where it was or to replace it. Their service manager started looking for it and checking his phone. He had no idea where it was and then told me I'd have to buy one. I told him it was suppose to come with one. He then looked down at the tires and said they'd been rotated before and they were not giving me a free key. When I told him again they never had he just told me to check where I had it done before and check with them and walked off. I've bought two vehicles from them but NEVER again. I don't like being cheated or called a liar.