Boba Tea Direct, LLC - Employees

Jan 04, 2022

Brooke Renshaw-of United States

I went into the boba tea store at Cottonwood Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA to buy a drink on my lunch break at work. I pulled down my mask for a second so that I could order my drink and they would be able to effectively understand what I was saying and my order wouldn't be messed up like it sometimes is. The girl behind the counter was extremely angry that I would lift my mask down to order (although I didn't completely take it off and it was still on my face and was completely covering my nose as mouth past the 10 seconds it took me to order). She was so angry that after I had said what I wanted she went on a 1 or 2 minute rant of how I need to keep my mask on, how I'm being inconsiderate/disrespectful/gross/etc. even though I was the only customer in the store at the time. I can understand the safety precautions (I am fully vaccinated, I wear my mask, I take necessary COVID precautions). AND I can also understand that her "requests" were unreasonable. After her 1-2minute nag and rant, I asked her if I could proceed and continue my order. She said no. I pulled my mask down again and ask. She denied again, this time adding that I could have already had my order completed, paid for, and most likely ready and the end of the other counter if I had just followed "her simple rules". So, I agreed, made sure my mask was completely up, and asked once again to order. She refused me by saying that she didn't want to serve me nor would she and that I wasn't going to be served, mask or not and told me that I could "get the hell out" of the store. I was extremely frustrated, angry, and disappointed. I will no longer ever support this company again and I will make sure that none of my close friends and family don't either. Extremely unprofessional, unpardonable, and mean for a person in general, especially a paid employee. She was about 17-25 years of age, greasy and short bleached blond/brassy hair, average weight. Handled the cash register and other things such as her phones, facial acne, etc without washing her hands and then would proceed to touch the ingredients used in making the drinks, and proceeds to tell me that I am unhygienic and gross and dirty and unclean for lifting down my mask to order behind a 2" thick sheet of plexiglass while also wearing a mask in a store with no doors, plenty of room to socially distance, and I'm the only one in store. I can guarantee you understand my frustrations. This incident happened somewhere between 12/20/2021-12/24/2021. I can't remember the exact day because it was Christmas time and I am an extremely busy person between many commitments and time restraints.