Boston Market - Thanksgiving dinner

Nov 26, 2021

Devara Williams — USA

I decided not to cook for thanksgiving and decided to go to my local Boston Market, I ordered the family meal for 3 I spent a toatal of 49.80 however when I returned home, to prepare to eat the food I had just purchased it was the worst experience I had ever had with Boston Market the stuffing was not cooked the vegetables in hte stuffing were extremely hard the yam oh my goodness where do I start they taste like powder not fresh at all a pureed were you literally drink the yams, horrifying and the mac n cheese was so dry how in the world can you ruin mac n cheese well they did and the dinner rolls were not fresh either rather hard.
the rotisserie chicken was so so some of it was done and some to red in the joints, everything I thought I was going to be able to enjoy turned out to be not the case my thanksgiving was soiled with bad food but we have good health so im thankful for that.. I love boston market food its such a great alternative to the other eateries and my family loves the food as well this was the worst meal I have had in a long time,