Boston Scally Company - Return/Exchange Policy

Dec 06, 2021

OUI-of United States

I bought five hats from them on Black Friday. I didn't like the style of one of them and returned it. Because you can't do an exchange online, I did my return and got an email credit. I used the credit to purchase a different style and had to pay the difference from the Back Friday sale. When I emailed to tell them about it, I received a lengthy email, but it basically said "too bad". If I exchanged the same style for a different size, there would be no problem, to include shipping. However, because I wanted a different style cap, I now have to pay an extra 30%.
Their quirky sayings and the fun they represent on their website may be catchy, but at the end of the day, nothing but greed.
Needless to say, I returned all five.