Bournemouth Airport - Check in 6am 8/2/22

Feb 21, 2022

David Kettell-of US

During check in to TUI flight departing 8.10am on the 8/2/22 my wife and myself were asked to take both check in cases, to a table manned by a man.

He requested us to open our cases and then proceeded to remove items of a female sanitary nature, amongst other items.

He without gloves lifted searched and generally disrupted neatly packed clothes.

This was all in site of every other queuing passenger.

This was extremely embarrassing, upsetting and unexpected on an outward trip by two 70 year olds.

I asked if this could be done behind a screen or in a different room. No was the curt answer.

With all else going on with flight anxiety Covid etc, my wife had her holiday ruined.

Clothes had to be re ironed.

Under wear rifled through by a ungloved man was totally unacceptable.

Your methods need to be addressed urgently to avoid further embarrassment.

Yes safety is a priority, but privacy and a female member of staff to adopt a sensible approach would seem more understandable.