Brakes 4 Less - Brakes

Dec 28, 2021

Gwendolyn Coleman-of Columbia, United States

I drive a 2017 BMW X1. I took my car to brakes for Less in Columbia South Carolina on Garners Ferry Road on December 3rd the next week I noticed some squeaking with the brakes and call the office they asked me to come in but I never made the appointment to come in prior to the incident. On December 18th I was driving down the highway and my brakes gave out. I began to hear a loud noise and started to smell smoke. I decided to try to pull over and I had no brakes. Two police officers came to my Aid after smelling the smoke. My car was towed back to brakes for Less and remains there. I am very disappointed in the service that I received by brakes for less and the staff begin to make excuses as to what the problem was. They eventually admitted it was their fault and the next service would be no charge