Britannia Hotels Ltd - Mold in the room

Nov 23, 2021

Natalie Jayne — USA

mum has a lung condition and there was mold all over the windows and smells of mold, she now has a chest infection, I won't say Its from there as I don't know but I'm pretty sure it didn't help ... 

I don't want to pay a discounted rate as I don't think after that stay I should have to pay anything and it would be a miracle for me to want to stay again.  We nearly didn't stay that night .. I was just about to write feedback on booking .com but wanted to give you the opportunity to see and hear what happened. 
The food was supposed to be from 4 they wasn't doing it till 6 . We had to ask for them to do something, finally we get food . The manager was nice the chef was nice and the mn in the gym was lovely.

These images are of the room this is appalling and I refrained from adding them to booking .com but don't see how this fits health and safety ..