Broadway Auto Credit - 2014 Ford w/Ecoboost

Feb 15, 2022

Jason Korbas-of US

I financed this truck through Broadway, and have made all the payments on time. Recently, there was several "issues" going wrong with the truck. 1) The turbos was the first issue, which they require 5000 to fix, up front cost (which should be covered under warranty, but because I had my friend do my oil changes, I don't have "record" of oil changes, (required to cover warranty) They won't honor the warranty! 2) Next, the back up camera/display/radio has some kinda issue, rendering it useless! (Display is pixelated and shadowed) and of course they wanna charge me to replace faulty products 3) The heater has some kinda issue, and doesn't stay running because of a sensor..and have to jiggle a wire to get it on.. I replaced the censor a year ago, but, a year later, the issue reappeared 4) I bought the vehicle to help the environment, thinking that the 6 cylinder would get better gas milage. The gas milage has literally went from 19 mpg (worse than a 8 cylinder engine at 21) down to 13 mpg, because of the "Turbo Issue". 5) The cab corners are rusting, from the inside out. I still owe them over 20,000 for this vehicle, but I just wanna give it back to them and be done with this "Lemon"! The consumer needs to be protected better from situations like this!