Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center - front door information no good.

Apr 13, 2022

Rigoberto Dixon-of US

my wife is in there on the 9th floor, first my daughter went to visit her mother and they gave her a hard time to see her, given her all kind of excuses and false information only to let her go after all the drama. Today April 13, 2,022 I went to see my wife, after taking all my information I was told that there is a 2 persons minimum per visit per patient and that there was already 2 people up there, I call my wife to let her know I was down stairs and that since they said the 2 minimum rule if she could have one of her visitors come down with the pass so i could see her, my wife told me there was no one up there with here since there are no place to sit I because I have bad back and can not stand for too long had to go back home with out seeing my wife. Your service is lacking in professionalism, human dignity and just a lack of common sense altogether.