Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center - Not pickup phone or transfer call and hangup

Dec 09, 2021

CJB1-of Brooklyn, United States

To whom it my concern:     Emergency Concerns
My name is Charles Branch, this is in regard to my mother Barbara branch. She is a patient at your Brookdale hospital in the emergency department. She was admitted on Monday early afternoon by ambulance.Monday someone called from brookdale hospital to find out information and what type of medication for my mother because she does not go to brookdale hospital. I did not have the information they needed at the time. So the person said they would call back at 12 noon, I never received a call back at all. Her primary hospital is Long Island Jewish Northwell Hospital. The ambulance brought her to brookdale because of her condition. For the last two day, Me and my brother have been trying to contact the brookdale hospital. We have been calling and getting no information just the run with transfer calls to other extensions. No one ever picks up the phone or picks up and hangs up the phone. My brother this evening finally got through, but got nowhere. The person told him they can not give out any information because we don't know who you are, you might be the IRS.