Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center - Brookdale Eastern Parkway clinic Administrator and doctors

Dec 31, 2021

3brandyj-of Brooklyn, United States

I have been a patient for over 20 years and the treatment has become subpar at best. The neurologist, DR. FRIEDMAN, told me during my last appointment that he had no time to read the results of a MRI that i had recently taken. He said whatever dr. gave the authorization should be able to help me out. I have had issues with this man for 2 YEARS. He is either late for appointments (4 hours and better) or he brushes off my issues. I am in pain (back, hip and leg) and I am being ignored.
The administrator, Mr. Toppin, has done much of nothing to resolve this behavior. The doctor that I have been seeing, Nurse Belle, has left the hospital and I was given a doctor, Dr. Patel, that I do not like. She has no bedside manner whatsoever. This hospital is PURE TRASH. There is no respect for the patient or their needs. This is UNACCEPTABLE. We won't get into how this clinic does not answer the telephones when you call. This place needs to be SHUT DOWN.