Broward Health Medical Center - referrals

May 17, 2022

Audrey McBeam-of US

My name is Audrey McBeam 4/13/1972 my phone is9548547614

I saw my PCP on 22 April 2022 and my Dr ordered referrals for me and I have not received them as of yet. I have an appoint to see the cardiologist tomorrow the 18th of May 2022, this is become too much to bear as I have to be calling and revisiting the office and rescheduling my appointments over and over again this is not the first time, every time my Dr orders my referrals I have to go through this, someone in your organization feels it is ok not to work, I have no problem if they don't want to work but they need to give that position to someone who does. I hope this is the end of my frustration with your referral department.

I am kindly awaiting your reply with a satisfactory resolution