Bruce Hardwood Flooring - Bruce Frontier Collection Hickory Color Brushed Tumbleweed

Nov 17, 2021

JLowe74 — Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

Our floors have the finish worn right off where the grain is higher, it is under 5 years on a 25 year warranty that specifically states "we warrant to you that for the period indicated (25 years)the finish on the covered product will not wear through and the finish will not separate from the flooring, under normal household use and when maintained within accordance of our recommended maintenance guidelines".
They denied our claim stating it's a "high traffic" area. We are a single family home, there is no "high traffic" here, it's just normal household use!
Then they said it could be due to "maintainance or excessive moisture intrusion". We used only Bruce hardwood floor cleaner and there is no moisture, it's nowhere near any moisture.
This is unacceptable, I also see other reviews with the same issues. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANIES PRODUCTS. They do NOT honor their Warranty, even when it's clear their product clearly has a problem. Shame on them, I will be taking this further! RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY & THEIR PRODUCTS!