Bucky's - C.V. Axle Replaced

Mar 21, 2022

Rharford-of Tacoma, US

I had a C.V Axle replaced, and my car shakes so bad now, so I took it back and they said it could have been a defective one so they put another one in, and same thing, so they said it was my transmission, and I have had it looked at and it is not, they said it is the Axle, I called again, and they were so rude about this, I have always taken my car to bucky's for so many things and they have always taken good care of me, and this has been the most frustration thing I have ever experience and the worst costumer service I have ever experienced, they did not even really try to fix the problem after the third time, and just tried to send me to someone else, I dont have the money to keep taking it to other places when clearly they are at fault. They charged me $320.00 and my car still shakes and runs worse then it ever has, and I will never take my Car to Bucky's again, I have lost all trust in them, My email address is [protected]@gatewayre.com.