BudgetAir - Refusing to give me a full refund from flights cancelled by Nile Air and BudgetAir

Apr 11, 2022

ThomasJameson-of US

I purchased a return flight to Sharm from Cairo on the 19.3.22 via Budget Air. On the 7.4.22 the airline company, Nile Air, sent me an email saying they had cancelled the outbound flight. I tried to contact Budget Air but all I received was an automated response so I purchased another outbound flight to Sharm and asked Budget Air to refund the money for the cancelled flight. Budget Air then cancelled my whole trip which included my return flight. When I asked them why they had done this, they lied and said that Nile Air had cancelled both flights. This was untrue. I spoke to Nile Air and have emails showing they did not cancel the return flight. I asked Budget Air for a refund and they said they were unable to offer a full refund because Nile Air would not give them a full refund and I would have to pay a fee to get any money back. I spoke to Nile Air who said if they cancel a flight they pay a full refund. I have had to buy more expensive flights as my departure date was on the 15.4.22. Budget Air are now ignoring all my emails and refusing to pay me a full refund. I have done nothing wrong. I did not cancel any flights. I should not have to pay fees to get a full refund. The company are very dishonest and should not be allowed to trade.